U.S. Tender Requirements

Tender Requirements

Tender Requirements: Bidders/Suppliers should submit the following bidding documents to the contract awarding committee of the Ministry of Endowments and U,S,A Armed Forces procurement Affairs.

Performance Guarantee: The successful Company will be ask to provide a performance guarantee letter in writing immediately after the receipt of the award Notice before the official signing of the contract.

Supply/Delivery Duration: The tender supply duration is 1-12 months after the suppliers confirmation of full payment and also partial shipment/delivery is allow

Contract Signing: Signing of contract agreement will be in the office of the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs. The contractor is to appoint an accredited attorney registered with the ministry to represent the company in signing of contract agreement.

Tender fee: Tender fee depending of the currency of bid by the suppler.

Payment Term : Every contract winner receives 80% advance payment and then 20% before shipment,Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs also reserves the sole right to pay 100% advance in full.

Language of the Contract : All written communications for this tender procedure and contract must be in English Language

All contract supply document must be address to:
Office of the Chairman
Mr. Micheal P. Brady
Principal Deputy Chief and Project Director
and Contract Awarding Committee

CURRENT BIDS/LIST OF PRODUCTS The Contract Award Committee of the Ministry of Endowments and U,S,A Armed Forces procurement Affairs under the supervision of the presisency wishes to draw the attention of all interested Bidders for the supply of various products through International Competitive Tender and Direct Public Procurement Initiative;

The Products required are:

Provincial Preference: Tender evaluation and award of Contract will be done in accordance with the Project/Tender Procedures outlined in the latest Guidelines and Instructions for the Implementation of Provincial Preference Policy and in accordance with the Public Tender Act, 2003 (Act 663), the Provincial Preference Act and associated Regulations.

Un-Acceptable Policies:

NOTE: private contact between the Contracting authority and any Tender Company is prohibited, salvage and exceptionally in cases where clarification of the tender dossier is necessary. Should a tender company need any explanation prior to the Bid, such request should be called to the attention of the Contract Awarding Committee through their local representative/agent and attendant responses will be published by the Chairman of the Committee as a circular.